Instructor Highlight :: Nicole Levy


I met Nicole Levy two and a half years ago at art camp in a class on how to pitch an article to a magazine.  We only spent that one day together, writing, sharing our ideas with the class, and daydreaming about the magazines that we hoped would someday publish our words and photographs.  Our paths crossed again the following year, and it was so nice to see her happy smile at camp again; a familiar face among many new ones.  We ended up spending another day together, sewing this time, and I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have gotten to know Nicole.  Now, to have her teaching at Lucky Star is just…right.  Nicole is teaching “Upcycle Your Wardrobe” and “Stamp It” this fall at Lucky Star Art Camp.  Don’t miss the chance to spend the day with her in Texas! I hope you enjoy getting to know Nicole a little better by reading our fun interview below and on our Instructor page.  And by the way…she has been generous enough to offer a sweet trio of her handmade favorites as a giveaway to Lucky Star followers!!!  Read through to find out how you can win our newest Lucky Star Instructor Highlight Giveaway!

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Do you have any nicknames? 






Do you have any pets? 

A dog named Jax and we’re going to be bringing home some chickens later this year.



Did you go to summer camp as a kid?

No. Attending camps as an adult is my way of making up for it. It’s like being a kid all over again.


Salty or Sweet?



When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Very early on, I wanted to sing, but it just so happens I’m tone deaf.


What is your dream for your golden years?

My dream for my golden years, and even now, are the same. My soul craves to live by the ocean in an artsy community – teaching, making and learning, while surrounded by a tribe of incredible women who root each other on every step of the way.


Outside or inside?

It all depends. Great comfort, inspiration and joy can be found in all sorts of places.


Who inspires you?

Jane Goodall. Her sense of self is rock solid, her accomplishments are awe-inspiring and the change she has created and still creates in the world among people from all different backgrounds is remarkable.


List three scents that take you back to another time.

Freshly cut grass, fresh baby tomatoes and a campfire instantly bring me back to my childhood.


What do you do to relax?

When something is really bothering me or I need to unwind, I just walk and walk and walk. A little like how Forest Gump, just ran and ran and ran. I walk until the stress is released.


What kind of music are you playing lately?

The song ‘Into the Wild’ by LP instantly energizes me these days.


What is your favorite time of day?

Mornings.  There’s nothing like a quiet morning when I have no where pressing to be and the whole day, with all its possibilities, are in front of me.


List your three favorite books.

Life on the Other Side, By Sylvia Browne

The Art of Growing Up, By Veronique Vienne

A Year of Mornings, By Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes


Do you have a favorite daily ritual or practice?

Juicing. I’ve recently discovered and now love green juice. It’s so pure and full of nutrients.


Do you have a tattoo?  What is it and why did you choose it?

No tattoo. I sometimes tease my husband that I am going to get one though. A few years back I had a mole taken off my shoulder. I’d like it back, so I tease him I am going to get a tattoo to replace it.


Do you like to cook?

When I have time, I love to cook.


What is your idea of the perfect meal?

A bowl of hearty soup drizzled with olive oil, topped with diced avocado and homemade bread.


Any thoughts on the state of food in our society?

It’s amazing as a society how dependent we are on processed foods. We look at these ‘food’ items as food, but they are anything but something we should be nourishing our bodies with. I’m on a mission to cook and bake food that comes from whole foods, not processed flours, sugars and other ingredients. Our society has a long way to go on this front.


What’s your favorite season?

Fall. Despite how fleeting it can be I love the colors, crisp air and all the nesting that goes with it.


River, ocean, pool or lake?



What are your three favorite sounds? 

My husband’s laugh

Any noise my dog makes


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The Giveaway-

Nicole is generously giving away three of her favorite things…Felt Acorns, Lavender Lemon Restorative Hand Scrub and a beautiful Wet Felt Table Runner on behalf of her blog, and Lucky Star.  This is what Nicole has to say about the prizes-

Wet Felt Table Runner: Does that side table of yours need a little love? You know, the one in the corner that always gets forgotten about. This one of a kind wet felted runner is 11 inches long by 10 inches wide and provides the perfect adornment for a small table or dresser. It was made using roving (pale grey, purple, white and green) from upstate New York sheep. It’s sure to brighten up any room.

Hand Scrub and Acorns: What could be more fun than hand scrub and felted acorns? We’re not sure either. This lavender lemon restorative hand scrub is made from all natural ingredients and will soothe and care for the roughest of hands and feet while giving the senses an aromatherapy treat. And if that’s not enough, these sweet little felted acorns, using real acorn tops, can be displayed year round in your favorite bowl, on the tree or wherever you fancy.  

Are you feeling lucky?  Play along with us below!  

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