Having trouble choosing which classes to take?

I often get emails from women fretting over which classes to take and even one recently where a woman worried that there was nothing being offered that she didn’t already do at home, and she couldn’t see where she would be learning anything new by taking any of the classes being offered.  I know that each of you are spending a lot of money and taking time away from your family so it is very important to you to choose  just the right thing.  I am here to help you do that.  Here are some of my thoughts on classes and how I feel they fit into the “camp” experience, just in case you are out there right now pulling your hair out trying to decide which classes to sign up for!  This is just food for thought. Hopefully it will help:)

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How often do you get to do what you love to do while on vacation? While connecting with other women?  While not cooking or cleaning? While swimming in a river and singing around a campfire under the stars?  It has been my experience, and I have attended a camp like this for the past three years, that what you get from the classes you take is only about 20% of the whole experience.  I took a food styling class, yet I already knew how to use a camera and style food.  She made me better.  I took a sewing class, yet I already knew how to sew.  The girl who sat next to me for the day is now a friend I’ll keep in touch with for the rest of my life.  One of my favorite people in the entire world exists in my life now because I met her at camp.  We never had a single class together.  Just happened to cross paths one day outside of the dining hall and she had the guts to say, “Hey, you’re from Texas?  So are we!”  We spent the rest of the evening sitting on a pier on a lake laughing and forging new friendships.  Just the act of deciding that I needed to do this for myself… taking the time away from my family, making the journey alone across the country and showing up for my SELF was worth more than any class ever could have offered.
Do you write? Do you make cheese?  Have you ever spent time with an intuitive?  Have you ever spent the day painting with Juliette Crane?  Dancing and playing with paint and glue in Corrine Gilman’s class?  Or sewing with Cal Patch?  Or goal setting with Shawn Strattman?  How many photographs do you have of yourself that you truly love…photographs that reveal your light shining from within?  How often do you do yoga on the banks of a river?
I dare you to take another look at the classes and see if you can’t find something that would bring you joy, rekindle something lost, spark something altogether different.  Try not to focus so much on the class itself, but the experience instead.
If you still can’t find something, well…dang!