Becky Dawson

Becky Dawson is a self taught illustrator, screen printer, and designer living a little slice of country heaven just outside Portland, Oregon with her husband and two little girls, a cat, a dog, a giant treehouse, and Bigfoot sculpture in the front yard. Becky accidentally fell into illustration back in 2011, while screen printing and designing a semi-successful line of t-shirts that has now evolved into a line of stationery and home goods available at retail stores world wide called, One Lane Road. She’s been lucky enough to work with some amazing clients and have art featured by The WB’s iZombie, Country Living Magazine, FOLK Magazine, Birds and Blooms magazine, Taproot Magazine, Better Homes and (Meredith Corp.), Design House Greetings, Soule Mama, Alisa Burke’s Blog, and this will be her 3rd year teaching at Lucky Star Art Camp.

You can find Becky online in her Etsy shop and on Instagram @onelaneroad.

Lucky Star Classes: Hand Screenprinting and Illustration & Cartooning.

: : : : : Hand Screenprinting : : : : : 

Class Description

Screen printing does not have to be scary or intimidating. There are many ways to achieve a print with a screen, and I’m here to show you some exciting and simple ways how! This class will cover the basics of hand screen printing. No fancy equipment or machinery used here. Just your hands, a paint brush, a pair of scissors, squeegee, inks, a few other simple supplies…and you’ve got a custom print. You’ll leave this class with your head swirling full of new ideas and possibilities!

Come prepared with a few design ideas in mind. We’ll be drawing up at least one design, and making stencils of multiple designs.

Class Offered: Full day [either Thursday or Friday]

Materials List for Students: I ask that you please bring an 8 ounce ink or two (or more) to class. I’ll have a few to share, but you will want to bring more to play with! We’ll have most of the second half of class to just print, print, print.

  • WATER BASED TEXTILE INK: preferably Speedball waterbased fabric screen printing inks for COLORS. You can purchase small inexpensive  8oz containers at
    direct link here:
    Any colors will do EXCEPT don’t get process cyan or process magenta. Dark inks work best on light colors fabrics; light colors cover best on white. Want to print on dark fabric? Purchase the white ink suggested below. Speedball’s white ink does not have good coverage.
  • WHITE ink preferably Permaset Aqua Fabric Ink. Available to purchase at
    direct link here:
    White ink has the best coverage on dark colored fabric, you can also mix with colors (mixing with speedball brand is fine) to achieve a custom pallet. This brand has STANDARD WHITE in 300ml size that I recommend. The colors in this brand are all great too, just a bit more spendy then Speedball brand.
    Speedball Brand; Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler in 8oz each. This one is important! Please bring your own.
    Available at direct link here:
  • 6” Squeegee – available at I will have a few disposables you can use (aka card stock), but it is definitely worth it to invest in a nice squeegee to achieve beautiful prints. Direct link here: Make sure it’s a 6 inch!!!
  • Additional Materials 
    • t-shirts, tote bags, onesies, sweatshirts, flour sack towels. Bring a pile! Make sure whatever you want to print on is heat safe (needs to be ironed to heat set the ink) and not ribbed. Flat smooth cotton blends work best.
    • fine point paint brush
    • X-acto Knife
    • pencil
    • scissors
    • embroidery hoop 9” or bigger
    • drawings, photos, inspiration for your designs. Alphabet paper cut outs, pre-made stencils…whatever tools you’d like to play with depending on your comfort zone for making a design from scratch. Come prepared with a few ideas!
    • blow dryer or heat gun to speed up the drying process (I’ll have a couple to share.)
    • apron (We’ll get messy!)
    • gloves

Kit or Supply Fee: $35

How to Pay for Kit/Supply Fee:

Included in Kit: This will include your own 8” x 10” wood framed reusable printing screen that will be waiting for you in class. We will use these for the stencil method, and you will get to take it home. Also included; test swatches, cardstock and vinyl for making stencil prints.

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: : : : : Illustration & Cartooning : : : : : 

Class Description

In this class we will be learning how to let loose and embrace our own unique drawing styles. There’s something really beautiful in the lines we draw when we are not worrying about the outcome. As children we start out drawing for pleasure. As we got older, at a certain point we start to become more concerned with perfection in our drawings, and for some  – that is where the road ends. In this class we will dive into a series of exercises to tap into that inner child. To find that place of joy, and help shift our perspectives on what a “good” drawing can be.

Class Offered: Half day [Saturday AM or PM]

Materials List for Students:

  • drawing sketchbook with at least 20 pages,
  • pencil
  • pencil sharpener
  • eraser
  • favorite fine point black pen (Sharpie fine points and Micron, size 8, are my favorites)
  • colored pencils or markers (optional, we will be focusing more on black and white).

Kit or Supply Fee: none
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