Lucky Star Art Camp

Lucky Star is a four night, five day women’s art and whole living retreat set in the hill country of Texas. Women will travel from all over the country to take in the beauty of their surroundings, take classes, make new friends, listen and share, eat good food, laugh ’til they cry, sing around the camp fire, gaze at the stars, and just be in the moment.


Who is it for?

Don’t let the name mislead you.  You do not have to be an “artist” by the standard definition to come to Lucky Star. You do not even have to consider yourself “creative” to join in the fun.  We believe there is “art” in the every day details of life and therefore we celebrate the everyday “artists” who can be found in the kitchen making a lovely meal for their family, in the garden planting a row of peas, in the wee hours of the night sewing a Halloween costume, or in a gray-on-gray cubicle using a rainbow of colorful file folders and sticky notes to do anything to brighten the day. Just the act of braiding your hair can be deemed a work of “art” by our definition. Actually, by our definition, YOU are the true Work of Art.  Creative people can’t help but be creative.  You know who you are.  Lucky Star is a candy store for the creative soul. Lucky Star is for YOU!

What is there to do?

These are some of the classes and activities that will be offered this November.  It is our goal for there to be something for everyone!
hand screen printing :: dream mapping
mixed media painting :: art journaling :: jewelry making
 apothecary :: photography :: weaving :: lettering :: felt flower making
bread making :: doodling :: songwriting :: sewing :: embroidery :: dreamcatchers
Indigo Shibori dyeing :: floral design :: guitar :: canning & preserving :: creative writing :: drawing
 image transfer :: paper & fabric marbling :: ceramics :: watercolor painting :: leather crafting
horseback riding :: canoeing :: archery :: Glee Club :: tennis :: astrology
yoga :: massage :: kayaking :: paddle boarding

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are a soulful band of dreamers, adventurers, soul mamas (and papas;), movers and shakers, doers and makers from all over the country.  They are the heart and soul of Lucky Star and they can’t wait to share their “art” with you this November!

From top left: Shawna Martin, Sara Kendrick, Tiffany Schreiner Humphrey, Jennifer Mercede, Leslie Eastland, Stacy Wooster, Rolando (Ro) Shaw, Roxanne Glaser, Mandy Rowden, Rebecca Cole Stephens, Kelley Walker, Bridget Symm, Emily Louise Jacks, Randi Hamlyn, Heidi Miller Lowell, Kati Maxwell, Cal Patch, Courtney Cerruti, Becky Dawson, Ashley Henry, and Lisa Hamlyn Field. 

Where will the magic happen?

Lucky Star is taking place in Hunt, Texas at a real-live girl’s summer camp called Waldemar.  Established in 1926, Waldemar has stolen many a young girl’s heart.  This place has a soul, and when you set foot on the sprawling grounds, you can feel it in your bones.  It’s the perfect place for Lucky Star to take root next fall.
Ancient Cypress trees line the banks of the clean, clear water of the Guadalupe River.  It runs right through camp at the base of the rugged limestone hills.  The sweet smell of Sycamore trees floats on the breeze and the hillside is covered in native stone cabins, each with their own unique charm and story to tell. Fall is the perfect time of year; after the scorching heat of our Texas summers and perhaps just before it’s too cold to take a dip in the river.



November 1st – 5th, 2017

Check-in at 2 p.m. on Wednesday

Check-out by noon on Sunday

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How much?

: : Camp Tuition* : :

$300 Deposit (100% will be applied toward Tuition)

$750 General Tuition Rate

$850 “Upgraded” Tuition Rate

(See room & board rates below.)

Information and rates for Partial Stay Campers and Day Campers can be found here.

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: : Room & Board : :

Room and board is handled directly through Waldemar and is based on the number of campers per cabin.
This price includes meals beginning Wednesday evening through Sunday morning.
For additional information, visit our Travel & Lodging Page.

5-8 per cabin – $80 per person/night

4 per cabin – $90 per person/night

2 per cabin – $115 per person/night

1 per cabin – $175 per person/night

Deluxe Rooms – $85-$300 per person/night