Where Starlets Shine Bright

Last year my daughter, Emerson, and I decided to start a Lucky Star mother-daughter weekend.  We named it Camp Lucky Starlet and collaborated with some of our favorite Lucky Star mamas and daughters to create three days of adventurous, crafty, campy fun.  Well… this year we’re doing it again!

When you arrive in the hill country, your mind and body involuntarily fall into a peaceful sense of ease… the trees, the winding roads, the river, the fresh spring air… and the GREEN.  That intense spring green catches your eye and lights you up, reminding you of the excitement that awaits at… CAMP!!!!!

Driving into camp is an adventure in itself.  You literally drive your car through the Guadalupe River to get to the gates of Vista Camps. Welcoming smiles greet you and guide you to your campy cabin to get settled in with your new cabinmates.  And then the fun really begins… we’ve been known to make SLIME, swing from GIANT trees, and there’s even been some controlled GRAFFITI!  I’ve seen moms doing headstands and grandmothers shooting arrows.  Have you ever heard the sound of rainbow-wig/high-sock/tutu wearing mamas and girlys laughing so hard water comes out of their nose??  I have!  It’s AWESOME.

I’ve also seen wall flowers bloom and take the stage, tired, cranky princesses curl up in their mother’s arms at the end of a long, exciting day, and friendships ignite right before my eyes.

So….. if you’re craving some time with the girl who stole your heart… join us this April and let us sprinkle some stardust your way!