Work of Art

When I think about what exactly it is that I want for women to take away with them when they leave me on the Sunday morning of camp after a week of sheer joy, belly laughs, discovery, and awakenings, three words come to mind:  Work of Art.  I want for them, with all that I’ve got, to begin thinking of themselves as a Work of Art.  Something to be prized, something truly special, something that gets even better with time.

As you can imagine, after four years of doing this, I have thousands of beautiful photographs from my own camera, and also from several very talented photographers and videographers.  I have photos of the river that meanders through camp and of the horses that surprise us by coming down to the river’s edge to get a drink of water and splash about.  I have hundreds of photographs of colorful, inspiring artwork and I even have pictures of the double rainbow that appeared in the sky on the first morning of camp last year, literally encapsulating us inside the magical bubble we already imagined was there and now had photographic evidence of.

These photos are all so dear to me because they remind me of the sights and sounds of each passing year.  But the thing that really stands out to me are the faces.  Each sparkle, each smile, each line, each and every face that I see reminds me of Lucky Star in its live form.  You see, I can invite you to one of the most beautiful places on earth, curate the most wonderful classes with the most talented instructors, order up the best food in the land, give you all the supplies you need, and watch you make the most beautiful art…but in my eyes the real Work of Art is you.  So, if there is nothing else that you take away with you when you leave, know this… YOU… wonderfully real chaser of dreams, sprinkler of stardust… are a Work of Art!


Lucky Star…

Where whole living meets art, it’s sleepaway camp for women set in the hill country of Texas.  Imagine five artful days spent on the banks of the Guadalupe River where you choose from an eclectic mix of classes including mixed media painting, art journaling, jewelry making, dream mapping, yoga, apothecary, quilting, crochet, photography, lettering, creative writing, sewing, canning and preserving, intuitive spirit work, embroidery, cheese-making, and homesteading including organic gardening and how to raise backyard chickens and goats. Did we mention live music and a camp fire under the big Texas sky? It’s more than just an art retreat.  It’s about digging deep, connecting, and reaching for the stars.  Mark your calendar for November 5-9, 2014 and start believing the daydream!  Pre-registration for the 2014 event will begin January 6th and General Registration will start at the beginning of March.  Be the first to know about the next Lucky Star Art Camp by joining our mailing list.