Classes 2017

Now for the hard part… how will you ever decide which classes to take?!

Click on the class photos in the schedule below for full class descriptions.  You may select either a full day or two half-day classes for Thursday and Friday and one half-day morning class for Saturday.  We have some tools to help you with the class registration process.  Just click on the links below to download and print the schedule and schedule planner.  Once you’ve made your selections, head over to the Registration Page to fill out the form and make it official.  Note:  You will be asked to choose first and second choice classes for each time slot.

***New this year… you can “upgrade” to add a bonus Saturday afternoon class!***   

Scroll down to see Saturday Bonus classes and find “upgrade” details on the Registration page.  Have fun designing your November adventure!

Download the printable 2017 Class Schedule here.
Download a printable 2017 Schedule Planner here.

Register for classes here.

Saturday Afternoon Bonus Classes

1:00-4:00 PM

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