Lucky Star Creative Collaborative

:: Lucky Special :: 

Class Name:  Lucky Star Creative Collaborative
Instructor:  Keri Wilt
Class Offered:  Wednesday, 4:00 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. in the Pavilion
Class Fee:  $0


Class Description:

Who-  Idea people, artists, inspirers, dreamers, doers, thought leaders

What- This is your chance to collaborate on an art project that will commemorate the time we’re about to spend together AND live on far beyond this year!

For this class, we’re looking for the idea people, artists, inspirers, dreamers, doers, thought leaders and free spirits who have the passion to birth an art project with these ideals in mind.  This artistic team will collaborate to inspire and encourage gratitude and daydream believing. We will work very quickly together to develop and complete a team idea, based on limited supplies, including: chicken wire, a large wooden frame, multi-colored paper & pens, tags and whatever else YOU might be inspired to bring with you from home.

Come with an open and giving heart and let’s leave a grateful and abundant mark on current and future Lucky Stars!

This is a rare opportunity to collaborate in an artistic and open way. Only ten spots available!

Materials List for Students:

  • Materials will be provided!