:: You learn new things about yourself when you meet new friends ::

One of the most wonderful things about going to camp is the sense of community you feel when you arrive and begin meeting all of the other amazing souls that are there from far and wide.  You might meet someone who feels like a long lost friend you’ve known for years, but you’ve only just met.  And there’s also the serendipitous chance of meeting someone who lives just a hop, skip and a jump from your town and you think…I could have been sitting next to her in Starbucks last week and would have totally missed out on this lovely friendship.

The beauty of the internet these days is it’s ability to connect us to people in far flung places around the globe with a simple click and the opportunity to create a virtual nest of kindred souls is right at your fingertips.  We love the idea of those interested in Lucky Star connecting now on Facebook, PinterestTwitter or Instagram (@outsidelisa), but nothing is sweeter than the excitement of meeting a new friend… or the joy of hugging the neck of an old friend… at camp.  Don’t miss out this November.