Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, you can always call or email for answers to all of your questions, but here are some that come up often.  We will keep adding to this page as the questions roll in! –

Is this the same location as the adult camp?  No, this is in the same area, but not the same camp.  Lucky Star Art Camp takes place at Camp Waldemar and Camp Lucky Starlet takes place at Vista Camps.  Same river, same big beautiful Cypress trees, but a little closer to Kerrville.  The biggest difference is the cabins are more typical of what you would find at a summer camp with lots of bunk beds and a large bathroom in each cabin.

What is the weather typically like there in early April?  Typically, we have cool nights and sunny days in early April, but Texas weather will make a liar out of you in the blink of an eye!  It’s best to check as the event gets closer.

Do you think my 15-year-old daughter would have fun? This one is tough because it depends so much on the individual kid and her willingness to participate.  I really think if she dives in and actively participates in everything, she has no choice but to have fun!  And this is geared toward all ages, even adult mothers and daughters, so there will be something for everyone who chooses to participate!

Will my cell phone/iPad work?  Cell phone service in the hill country can be sketchy, but all major carriers service our area and you can usually get good reception in most areas.  However, for the purposes of this particular weekend, we strongly encourage you to leave the technology in the cabin/car and fully engage in the activities we have planned so you get some real face time with your precious daughter.  In case you do have trouble getting a good signal on your cell phone and need to make a call, we do have land lines.

Will this be an annual event?  Yes!  We are happy to say Camp Lucky Starlet is now an annual event!

What kind of food will be served?  The food at Vista Camps is very kid-friendly and something typical of what you would get at a good cafeteria-style restaurant.  It is a long-standing tradition there to serve meals family-style which is a great opportunity to work on table manners.  “Pass the potatoes, please!”

(We can adjust the menu to accommodate some food allergies and you are welcome to bring necessary supplies to supplement the menu, but please call and speak with Lisa in advance of camp to discuss a plan.)