Kati Maxwell

Kati MaxwellKati captures life and love in the best way she knows how. She bought her first “big girl” camera in 2006 and has been shooting ever since. She started out capturing her own family, and her love for photography intensified. Kati realized quickly that this was the legacy she was supposed to leave. Photography is her journal and each session is a new entry.

She received a degree in Marketing and Communications to have something to “fall back on”. Little did Kati know, God knew she’d need it to grow her own business. And goodness has it grown! Kati is based out of Georgetown, Texas but travels worldwide. She is known for her Wedding photography, and has been featured in some of the top Bridal magazines in Texas.

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Lucky Star Class: Portrait Photography 101

: : : : : Portrait Photography 101 : : : : : 

Class Description:

Taking a great portrait is not just about the knowledge of your camera but also about connecting with your subject, lighting, location and background, posing, clothing choices, make-up, and photo editing skills. In this half day workshop, we will spend our time going through each element that contributes to a great portrait. First thing in the morning, we will spend time studying the elements of portraits and reviewing camera basics needed to produce a strong portrait. The next part of our class will be observing a 30 portrait session from beginning to end. We will finish the class “in the field” holding our own portrait sessions and finish the workshop by uploading our images and creating a presentation for show and tell. This class is great for the photography enthusiast who is looking to take their portrait photography skills to the next level.

Class Offered: Half day [Thursday AM or Saturday PM]

Level of Difficulty:  All Levels Welcome

Prerequisites:  None

Materials List for Students: 

Note: you can also find great used lenses for less for purchase or rent lenses.

  • DSLR + basic kit lens
  • Optional: 50mm lens or 85mm lens — there are some terrific low cost options listed below:
    For CANON cameras: 50mm lens
    For NIKON cameras: 50mm lens

Kit or Supply Fee:  none
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