Kelley Walker

Kelley Walker is a printmaker, bookbinder, mixed media artist and teacher. Her passion for making and teaching others to make was born from a childhood filled with making, but like many women in the midst of career and family rearing, Kelley lost sight of her creative dreams for many years. When the nest emptied in 2001, art and creativity became a lifeline. Art journaling, bookbinding and printmaking became her focus and to date, Kelley has finished dozens of journals, created close to two hundred books and taught hundreds of students to bind their own creative lifelines. She loves nothing better than sharing all that she’s learned and seeing other hearts come alive through the practice of printmaking and bookbinding. Learn more about Kelley at

Lucky Star Classes:  Felt Flower PowerMarbling Magic, and Sweet Dreamcatcher

: : : : : Felt Flower Power : : : : : 

Class Description:

One of the easiest ways to welcome guests is to adorn your door with a beautiful wreath. If the price of a fancy floral wreath makes you wither, you’re going to love this class! Made from simple craft felt in any variety of colors you choose, hand-made felt flowers are ideal for a sweet floral wreath you’ll want to keep hanging all year long.

In this class, you will learn to make a variety of blooms, along with several different types of green stems.  You will also learn to make pom-poms, which are great for one of the flowers we’ll make and also for flower centers and I’ll share some tips for arrangement of your wreath. You will leave with a fun and trendy 12″ wreath that’s bursting with warm and colorful flowers! Even better – once you learn the basics, these flowers can be adapted to myriad other projects, everything from hair accessories to bridal bouquets!

Note: If used outdoors, these wreaths hold up best in a protected area, such as a sheltered porch or behind a storm door. Inside, hang your wreath over the mantle, on an interior door or even in your office cubicle!

Class Offered: Half day [Saturday AM]

Materials List for Students:

  • glue gun
  • extra glue sticks
  • sharp scissors

Kit or Supply Fee:  $15

How to Pay for Kit/Supply Fee:  In advance via PayPal to or in person during class

Included in Kit:  felt & yarn in a rainbow range of colors, a 12” grapevine wreath, pom-pom makers in two sizes (which will be yours to keep), and other shared tools and materials needed to complete the project.
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: : : : : Marbling Magic : : : : : 

Class Description:

The art of marbling was once a carefully guarded secret, passed from master to apprentice over lifetimes of study.  Today, marbling has come out of the shadows!  In this class you will immerse yourself in this magical art form.

Marbling is a printmaking technique that allows you to float paint on water, manipulate the paint to create pattern and texture and then pull your finished masterpiece onto treated paper or fabric. In this class, you will learn the basics of this centuries-old art form – from preparing the bath and substrates, to mixing paints, to laying in pattern and finally creating a beautiful array of patterned papers and fabrics to use in your own artwork.

Class Offered: Half day [Thursday PM]

Materials List for Students:  apron

Kit or Supply Fee:  $20

How to Pay for Kit/Supply Fee: In advance via PayPal to or in person during class

Included in Kit:  paint, carrageenan size, alum for substrate treatment, treated paper and fabric, various vintage papers, eye droppers, stylus, shared tools and a small kit to take home for more marbling later!
Please Note: Because fabric must be treated in alum and fully dried prior to printing, I will provide basic fabric items for you to marble on.
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: : : : : Sweet Dream Catcher : : : : : 

Class Description:

Native American legends of dream catchers exist across nearly all North American tribes.  Almost all suggest that the night air is filled with dreams, both good and bad – the trick is allowing the good ones in and “catching” the bad ones before they can intrude on our slumber.

In this class, you will make a non-traditional dream catcher, while honoring some of the ideas behind Native American designs.  We’ll start with a vintage doily, stretch it on a round embroidery frame and then decorate with bits of beaded love and pom-pom stardust to help our best dreams and ideas flourish!

Class Offered: Full day [Friday]

Materials List for Students:

  • Beads in the colors you wish to work with – I like to use a mix of 6/0 seed beads and 9-15mm glass or acrylic beads in two main colors, plus neutrals such as white, off-white or clear; beads will be strung on heavy waxed linen thread so please avoid beads with especially tiny holes.
  • sharp scissors
  • chain nose pliers

Optional Materials:  I will provide the items below – only bring if you have something special you’d like to use:

  • vintage/heirloom doily – no larger than 8” in diameter
  • special charms or pendants to dangle from your hanging strings
  • yarn and light-weight cotton fabric in coordinating colors

Kit or Supply Fee:  $20

How to Pay for Kit/Supply Fee: In advance via PayPal to or in person during class

Included in Kit:  yarn in a rainbow range of colors, wooden embroidery hoop, pom-pom makers in two sizes (which will be yours to keep), waxed linen thread, embroidery thread for tassels, crimp beads & covers, community tools to borrow and a variety of charms, beads, bells, etc. to enhance your project.
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