Lisa Field

A country girl at heart, Lisa Hamlyn Field lives, works, and dreams on a ranch in Hunt, Texas with her husband, five kids, 26 chickens, and three dogs.  She is a landscape designer, organic gardener, event planner, and mama by day and with the help of a late afternoon almond latte, she cooks up her creative business magic by night.

Raised in the mesquite country of South Texas, her fondest childhood memories are of swimming in the muddy water of the Nueces river, picking vegetables in her Nana’s garden, making wild mustang grape jelly with her mom, working cattle with her dad and uncles, running her horse wide open across the freshly plowed fields of her family’s farm, and coming in from playing with her brother and cousins to the smell of fried venison and the sound of her daddy’s mandolin picking out a bluegrass tune.  She spent many summer days lying in the cool grass gazing at the clouds with a head full of dreams.

There is nothing Lisa loves more than helping others to discover their true calling in life.  Guiding people through the process of mapping out a plan to realize their dreams and fulfill their destiny is what feeds her.  As the director and founder of Lucky Star Art Camp, she has truly found her own calling.

You can follow Lisa on Instagram @outsidelisa and @luckystarartcamp.

Lucky Star Classes:  Live Your Legacy 1Live Your Legacy 2 (co-taught with Tiffany Schreiner Humphrey).

: : : : : Live Your Legacy 1 : : : : : 

Class Description:

Like stars blazing across the midnight sky, as creators, we each aim to craft a vision of what we’ll leave to our loved ones as we journey through and beyond this life.  By starting now to cultivate a life filled with passion, focus, compassion, community, and purposeful direction, we can each leave an enduring trail of light for those to whom we are connected.

Together, in signature cosmic cowgirl style, we will facilitate the exploration and growth of our personal legacy and what it means for each life’s path and each conscious creative endeavor.  We will dig deep to create a vision of just what we want our legacy to be.  We’ll start by rooting our thoughts in meditative yoga, guiding us toward ever deeper clarity.  Then we’ll explore through list making and journaling, opening our minds and our hearts to delve deeper into our calling; our greatest legacy.  Tiffany and Lisa will also share their personal experiences with creating community and how that has enriched their lives and legacies in so many ways.  It truly does take a village to live our fullest lucky life!

“If you know when you have enough, you are wealthy,
If you carry your intentions to completion, you are resolute,
If you live a long and creative life, you will leave an eternal legacy”
– Lao Tzu

We hope to send you home with a clear vision of the legacy you desire, full of renewed purpose and inspired to begin living out that legacy now.

Class Offered: Half day [Friday AM or Saturday AM]

Materials List for Students: yoga mat, journal, favorite pens, markers, colorful sticky notes, highlighters

Kit or Supply Fee: none

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: : : : : Live Your Legacy 2 : : : : : 

Class Description:

Does your legacy take the form of a creative business?  Are you ready to heed the call and take the next step into putting that BiG dream into action?  Building on the energy and inspiration of Live Your Legacy, this class will challenge you  to delve deeper, reach higher, and stretch farther.  During the first hour we’ll proclaim our legacies, digging deep to acknowledge where we’ve been, who we are, where we came from, and why we KNOW that we know that this is what we are supposed to do.  Then we’ll sink our teeth into the process of taking actionable steps to make our creative business dreams a reality.  We’ll talk about the importance of authenticity in branding, we’ll be honest about the determination, time and energy it takes to bring an idea to life.  And to bring it all home, we’ll offer tips and tricks on social media marketing, strategies for staying grounded, and cultivating a network of support to keep your legacy alive.  We hope you’ll walk away with a spark lit, ready to fully embrace and embody the legacy that was meant for you.

Class Offered: Half day [Friday PM]

Materials List for Students: Journal, pens, markers, and a rough, simple outline of your business plan (This can be a sentence or two or even just a list of ideas.)

Kit or Supply Fee: none
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