Rolando Shaw

Rolando (Ro) Shaw is a ceramic artist living and working in Salado, Tx. Ro was intrigued by art and invention as a child. Television is where it all began. Watching children’s programming on PBS, he knew he could find inspiration in the environment around him. “When I was much younger I thought drawing and painting were the only arts until I went to college and found out about electives!” After repeatedly taking a sculpture elective, Ro found his way into the Ceramics lab at East Texas State. There he fell in love with the ceramic process. Wheel throwing and hand building were emphasized during his undergraduate studies. Ro received his B.F.A in Ceramics from Texas A&M University-Commerce, formerly known as East Texas State University, in 2001. In 1998 Shaw had the opportunity to attend Kings College in London England where he studied Art History for a summer term. While there he visited France and Holland in his free time. Subsequent to that he attended Texas Tech University where he received his M.F.A in Ceramics in 2008. Rolando has been the recipient of the Carol Harris Simms Purchase Prize from the African American Museum of Dallas. His work has been displayed in publications such as Ceramics Monthly, Alternative Firing Techniques:  Raku, Saggar, Pit Barrel By James C. Watkins, and 500 Handmade Books by Steve Miller. Most recent publications include Bell County Living and Texas Monthly. Shaw is currently the owner and artist at Ro Shaw Clay Studio in Salado, Texas. You can find Ro on Facebook at Ro shaw clay studio, on his website and on Instagram @roshawclaystudio.

Lucky Star Class: Clay Creations

: : : : : Clay Creations : : : : : 

Class Description:

Clay is a material that is versatile and timeless. What will you create to make your mark in time?

This class will cover the basics of wheel throwing and hand-building ceramics. Choose which method works best for you, or blend the two to make more complex forms! Wheel throwing consists of the basics;  centering, basic cylinders, cups and bowls. Hand building will include coil building, pinch pots, soft and stiff slab forms. Pieces can be glazed and Raku fired, or pit fired for a more earthy surface. Other experimental firings are possible.

Class Offered: Full day [Thursday or Friday]

Materials List for Students:

  • Sketch pad/notepad for sketches, ideas and mind mapping exercises
  • Full-size towel
  • Small bucket to house tools and water when throwing or hand building
  • Basic Ceramics tool kit* for wheel throwing and hand building from Hobby Lobby or
    NOTE: *Students also have the option to buy a handmade quality tool kit from instructor, handmade by instructor.

Kit or Supply Fee:  $55

How to Pay for Kit/Supply Fee:  In advance via PayPal to or in person during class

Included in Kit:  All basic tools for making ceramics pieces, hand built or wheel thrown.
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