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Stacy WoosterStacy demystifies ancient wellness practices and unfolds them in ways anyone can access. She infuses her work with acceptance, humor and understanding and encourages her clients and students to cultivate cheerfulness and a sense of curiosity about themselves. For Lucky Star, she shares the gifts of self-care and nourishment. Who better to take care of you than you? When she’s not nurturing her dream career of 15 years, she can be found daydreaming in the garden, stargazing in astrological discovery, exploring truths on the yoga mat, and lovin’ on her sweet family. Stacy enthusiastically returns to Lucky Star and feels gratitude to embrace a holistic approach to life with you.  Read more about Stacy and follow her on social media-

Stacy Wooster Apothecary + Studio | Herbs, Massage & Yoga ,

Beauty Blossom Birth | Registered Prenatal Yoga School, Founder & Director

Lucky Star Class:  Herbal Woman and Nourish

: : : : : Herbal Woman : : : : : 

Class Description:

What’s the difference between a balm and a butter?
Are essential oils and herbal oils the same thing?
What’s a salve? …would you like to be salve savvy?

Herbal Remedies don’t have to be mystifying or from an age long forgotten. You can learn to take care of yourself and the people you care about in natural and holistic ways. In this half day course, we’ll dive into apothecary creations: the ingredients, the how-to, the harvesting and completion. We’ll travel through the seasonal application of herbs so you’ll get a feel of what to do/ when.

By the time we’re done, you’ll feel more comfortable turning your kitchen into a hearth of healing.

Class Offered: Half day [Thursday AM or Friday AM]

Materials List for Students:  Please bring a hand towel and a wash cloth.

Kit or Supply Fee:  $15

How to Pay for Kit/Supply Fee:  In advance through PayPal to or during class.

Included in Kit:  You’ll receive a handbook + 2 herbal preparations that we’ll make start to finish as a class. Kit includes all the materials for the herbal preparations.
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: : : : : Nourish : : : : : 

Class Description

Our culture tends to encourage a high speed, fast paced lifestyle where we feel the need to be “on” all the time.

What if you pressed the pause button?
What do you want and need for your precious life?
What could be possible if you were deeply nourished?

In this experiential self-care class, I’ll share my tried and true ways of regulating energy and caring for the physical body, both as daily maintenance and for when times get tough. You can dig into your needs and uncover your desires through journaling and bite sized meditations. As a tribe, we’ll explore our most beloved health habits and create a go-to self-care list you can keep in your back pocket for when you don’t know what to do. You can meet yourself with compassion, wherever you find yourself.

We’ll also create our own herbal spa products. From the apothecary, we’ll gather clays, flowers, butters and oils. You can treat yourself to a sugar / salt exfoliant plus a mud masque for the feet. Then we’ll blend a custom body butter as the finishing touch.

You won’t walk out of class… you’ll float. NOURISHed sole to soul.

Class Offered: Half day [Saturday PM]

Materials List for Students:  Please bring a yoga mat and/or large towel, 2 wash cloths, 2 hand towels, a journal and writing utensil.

Kit or Supply Fee:  $15

How to Pay for Kit/Supply Fee:  In advance through PayPal to or during class.

Included in Kit:  Materials for the spa experience (salts, sugars, flowers and herbs, clay, essential oils). Camper will also leave with their own whipped body butter made with organic shea butter and handcrafted massage oils, plus a custom room and body spritz!
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