What to Bring

You will need to bring:

pillows, twin sheet sets with blankets OR sleeping bags

towels, toiletries, and personal items

shirts, sweatshirts, or light jacket

jeans, shorts, sweat pants

underwear, pajamas, socks

bathing suit, yoga clothes

tennis shoes, flip flops/shower shoes, water shoes

flashlights or headlamps

bug spray, sunscreen

an old t-shirt or button down for painting with acrylics!

a few fun, random, silly clothes, wigs, props (tutus, boas, funny knee socks, neon)


Optional items:

hiking boots

small electric fan if the weather is expected to be hot

ear plugs, eye mask

journal, pen

yoga mats, bag chairs

water bottles, travel mug

tote bag or backpack

glow sticks, bracelets, etc.

camera, memory card, and charger

cell phone and charger

small ice chest with water or other kid-friendly drinks, snacks