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Ashley Ellington Brown

Ashley Ellington Brown is a Joy Detective and Happiness Consultant. Having experienced postpartum depression, PTSD, anxiety, heartbreak, unexpected loss, deep grief, and overwhelming uncertainty about the future, she has been on a multi-year mission to feel better.

Ashley has read hundreds of books, taken multiple courses, and tried dozens of techniques to overcome the challenges she’s faced and feel happier in her daily life. She is excited to offer “Joy Jumpstart” happiness consultations to share what she’s learned with others to help them create happier, more fulfilling lives.

Ashley has shared her quest to find joy in both the everyday and the extraordinary on the blog She is also author of the multiple-award-winning guide A Beautiful Morning: How a Morning Ritual Can Feed Your Soul and Transform Your Life. Her writing has also appeared in Yoga Journal, Thrive Global, The Daily Positive, The Red Tricycle, The Eden Magazine, and the anthology Song of Ourself: Voices in Unison.

Websites: JoyDetectives

A Beautiful Morning

Instagram: @JoyDetectiveAshleyBrown

Lucky Star Extra:  Joy Jumpstart Happiness Consultations

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: : : Joy Jumpstart Happiness Consultations : : :

Service for Fee “Extra” Description:

“Joy isn’t some superfluous extra; it’s directly connected to our fundamental instinct for survival.”—Ingrid Fetell Lee

Would you like to be happier in your daily life?

At camp, it’s easy to be happy. We’re having fun and enjoying our break from everyday responsibilities. But the transition back into “real life” can be difficult, especially if our daily routine doesn’t foster joy.

In your Joy Jumpstart session, we will sit down for a one-on-one in-depth conversation. Together, we’ll look at your current life and identify areas that can be enhanced to boost your day-to-day happiness. We’ll look at what might be standing in the way and address those issues with specific, easy-to-implement actions you can take right away.

In our conversation I’ll uncover clues which will guide me in crafting a customized set of suggestions for you to play with, including simple tools, tricks, and techniques that can make a real difference in your everyday life. I’ll tap my network of resources to provide just the right ideas for you. I may not have all the answers, but I can help uncover them.

Your personalized report will take into account your particular issues, goals, lifestyle, schedule, responsibilities, personality, and interests. I’ll email it to you after camp. Let’s get together and create a roadmap to a happier and more fulfilling life all year round!

Service for Fee “Extra” Offered: 30-minute sessions, during free time (there will be a sign-up sheet at camp)

Fee: $45

How to Pay Fee: Cash, check, or Paypal on day of session.

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