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Rena Cotti

Creative Director/Owner Rockin’ R Retreat Center and Rena Cotti Creative Events Rena has a passion for creating, learning, and teaching. As a former high school teacher with a love of art, making, and crafting… it makes sense that this combination of teaching and creating has evolved into a life of curating experiences as a student …

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Randi Hamlyn

Randi Hamlyn is a creative through and through who is currently making a living manufacturing leather goods in her South Texas Studio.  She and her team design and make small batch handcrafted leather goods that blend traditional techniques with modern style. Randi has had the privilege of teaching at Lucky Star Art Camp numerous times …

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Monica Grant

Monica Grant is a Creative Process Designer and Facilitator with Ideas To Go (ITG), a leading innovation consulting practice that works with companies across all types of industries.  Her day job is her dream job, in which she does project work to help teams clarify their challenges, generate lots of possibilities for how to solve …

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Andrea Hoehn

Andrea Hoehn is a trained and experienced interior designer who worked in the commercial architecture industry early in her career. She worked on large projects like Facebook and Capital One until she became a mother to two wonderful little girls! She stayed home with her children but lacked a creative expression. She started several “side …

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Gina Walker

Join longtime Lucky Star camper, Gina Walker, for our 2021 Creative Collaborative Project to commemorate our time together at camp.  Gina is a creative rockstar who really “gets” camp which makes her the perfect person to lead this Lucky Star tradition that is so near and dear to our hearts.  It all begins with a small group …

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Shawn Stratmann

Shawn Stratmann is a visual storyteller and lover of all things creative.  Her creative practice includes a passion for photography, painting, nature, nourishing food, and beautiful souls.   Shawn is a many-time Lucky Star Art Camp teacher and speaker and looks forward to guiding the Waldemar Photo Walk with Liz Pohl this year.   Shawn lives in Camden, Maine with her husband …

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Gabrielle Stratmann

Gabrielle Jolie Stratmann is an Artist who loves to infuse her whimsical sense of humor into illustrations depicting snails, bugs, flowers and animals. She loves to spend hours outdoors in her favorite state, Maine, observing little creatures in their natural worlds. Gabrielle enjoys creating with all different mediums from watercolor to acrylagouache to embroidery.  She …

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Kate O’Brien

Kate O’Brien is a multi-passionate creative (she’s interested in a whole lot of things and hopes she has a talent for a few). During her long design career, while raising two sons, Kate found she often had an urge to throw something. In 2012, she was introduced to tomahawk throwing. It began on an expedition …

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