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Kate O’Brien

Kate O’Brien is a multi-passionate creative and outdoor enthusiast. In 2019, Kate stepped away from a long career in commercial interior design, to pursue a different creative path and lifestyle.  She relocated to her historic Hill Country property, tending to her AirBNB, gardens, cats, dogs, numerous chickens and one longtime boyfriend. From there, she does a few projects each year, particularly designing interiors for the homes of severely wounded veterans. 

Kate was introduced to tomahawk throwing several years ago, on an expedition in the Tetons, with her sons. She later honed her skills under the guidance of a national tomahawk throwing champion. After posting some images on social media, Kate found others were interested in learning about this growing sport. “Texas Hawks “ was soon launched as an offering at retreats, fundraisers and corporate team building. Kate finds the activity seems to especially resonate with women, combining stress relief with a feeling of empowerment. And can’t we all benefit from some of that? 

As a tomahawk throwing coach, Kate encourages women to focus on the intention, which brings a sense of power, not limited by physical strength or ability. Texas Tomahawk Throwing with K8 will be offered as a Lucky Star Extra.


Facebook: kathy.obrien.1671

Instagram @kate_obrien_creates

Tomahawk coaching Instagram @texashawkswithK8

Lucky Star Extra :  Texas Tomahawk Throwing with Kate

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Service for Fee “Extra” Description:

Would you like to learn an ancient sport, relieve stress and REclaim a sense of power? Then you are ready for this class! Offered in small groups over several sessions, each student will have the opportunity to throw assorted tomahawks and warrior blades ( aka : circular saw blades) at wooden targets. Kate O’Brien will help you master a simple but successful technique, taught to her by a national throwing champion. In a safe, non-competitive outdoor setting, you will learn to improve through intention rather than strength. Each student will receive individualized coaching in how to adjust their position and technique for optimum results. 

This sport can be enjoyed by anyone from 8 to 80+ years old. It can be done seated, so it is friendly for a wide range of physical abilities. Take your knowledge home to share with friends and family. Kate will even share how you can customize a tomahawk to your physique and set up your own inexpensive throwing range at home.

Service for Fee “Extra” Offered Outside of Class Time: 1 hour sessions on Thursday & Friday afternoons (advance signup sheets will be available online and in the Dining Hall entryway)

Level of Difficulty: All Levels Welcome

Prerequisites:  Wear closed toe shoes and dress comfortably for the weather.

Materials List for Students: None

Class fee: $25

How to Pay Fee: Cash or check on day of class or Venmo @Kate-OBrien-28

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