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Keri Wilt

Join longtime Lucky Star camper, Keri Wilt, for our 2022 Creative Collaborative Project to commemorate our time together at camp.  

Keri Wilt is a speaker, writer, podcast host and heart cultivator with a soul full of sunshine who’s on a mission to help women flourish.

That’s because not long ago, she looked down and discovered that her life had become an over-planted mess that was choking out her relationships, creativity, and purpose. She was irritable, exhausted, and watering everything but herself. 

That’s when some soul-searching journaling time and a late-night re-reading of her great-great-grandmother’s classic book The Secret Garden unearthed this Well-Tended Life Truth: That EVERY locked-up, weed-filled, withering life can bloom and grow again with the help of a little magic.

It’s not the kind of magic that needs a wand and a trick top hat though. She teaches a dig in, make room, prune away, work on, water well, weed, and feed your soul kind of life-tending magic. 

Check her out over at The Well-Tended Life and perhaps you’ll discover what’s keeping you locked-up tighter than The Secret Garden and unearth some tools to keep you growing and blooming true in every season.


Instagram & Facebook:   @thewelltendedlife



Lucky Star Class: Lucky Star Creative Collaborative Project


: : : Lucky Star Creative Collaborative Project : : :

Class Size:  Maximum 10 people. First come, first taken.

Class Length:  1 – 1.5 hours

Class Description:

This class is an artistic team collaborative to inspire and encourage “Daydream Believing” during our time together at camp.  Come with an open and giving heart and let’s leave an abundant mark on Lucky Star campers by working together to create something fantastic!

We will work together using the supplies provided, along with whatever we as participants choose to contribute, to quickly develop a team idea for the project with the objective being that whatever we come up with will serve as the commemorative piece for 2022.  It needs to be simple enough for all campers to do/make/participate in throughout the week and ideally will be presented as a finished project on Saturday night at Show + Tell.

Materials/What to Bring:  Ideas, any random materials you choose to contribute, scissors, markers, pens, notebook.

Supply Fee:  $0

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