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Leslie Eastland

Leslie has been practicing for 20+ years and teaching for over 12. She works with all ages and styles of yoga. Her preferred style is power flow (each breath is paired with a move or pose), yoga for athletes and partner yoga, including Acro. She also has experience teaching restorative classes & private instruction. She brings a calm and bright heart, as well as a sense of humor to the mat. Her family of 2 beautiful little cherubs (CC, age 9 & Peggy Ann, age 7) and husband, Richard, live in the gorgeous hill country of Hunt, Texas.

Lucky Extra:  Fast Flow with Leslie

: : : Fast Flow with Leslie : : :

Class Description

Greet the morning with a brief, gentle meditation and intention followed by a 45-minute heart revving flow of poses intertwining breath (inhale/exhale) with each move to flutter your heart and get your body energized for the day!  I’ll have mats, blocks and eye pillows.

For those of you new to my style of teaching, here’s a little about my style…

First 5-10 min of soothing music for breath work, intention setting, easy stretching, and rise to standing. Transition music to something fun to get us going with salutations and into a moving meditation flow. I may or may not throw out a rap song on the mix to get everyone laughing and lighten the mood. Let’s have fun y’all! We will flow and get sweaty… incorporate balance poses followed by seated poses and eventually savasana (that’s where you lay down with a lavender eye pillow, maybe a blanket… I’ll read some soul-soothing somethings and usually do a visualization here for those of you whose minds wander off of the mat and onto the thing before or the thing after).

  • I’m hands-on and may come to adjust, assist or stretch you
  • I’ll have some essential oils for you to use before practice and may come and adjust your neck or feet during savasana
  • I like to read the room to see where everyone’s practice is
  • If I know you can throw an arm balance or inversion, I may cue it… but, if you’re thinking (what did she just say?) ignore the cue and keep doing your bad self in whatever pose or flow you’re in 😉

Class Offered:  Thursday & Friday mornings @ 7am under the twinkly lights at the Pavilion.

Level of Difficulty:  All Levels Welcome

Materials List for Students:

  • yoga mat*
  • towel
  • water
  • Bring some warm gear – jacket…sweatshirt…warm leggings, yoga socks, maybe even leg warmers 😮(the 80s didn’t get fashion totally wrong). The weather is unpredictable here and can be even more so in the Texas hill country on the river (generally warm in the afternoon but nights and mornings will tend toward reeeeallly cold!}

*There will also be some mats available at camp.

Fee:  $30 per two-session pkg. or $20 per drop-in session

How to Pay Fee:

If you’d like to pay in advance, I’m offering both Thursday & Friday classes for $30! Drop-in @ camp is $20 per class.PayPal & Venmo info:

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