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Roxanne Glaser

Roxanne Glaser is a self-taught artist who sparks joy with her art and illustrations. In elementary school, Roxanne doodled throughout the day, filling pages with imaginative swirls and letters. When her husband and sister passed away unexpectedly, she turned to art to help process the grief and begin rebuilding her life.

As SuperDoodleGirl, she has learned the healing power of tapping into her creativity and lettering or doodling everyday. In 2018, she completed her first 100 Day Creative Challenge by lettering 100 Versions of The Lord’s Prayer and in 2021 she shared daily inspiration through 100DaysOfDoodleInspiration.
Inspired by nature and her personal yoga practice, Roxanne’s art touches hearts and minds with themes of transformation and encouragement. She teaches lettering, creativity, and yoga workshops at women’s retreats and online.
Her latest workshop, Grounded in Gratitude, combines her passions into an integrated approach to living a whole-hearted life. Roxanne’s coloring book and gratitude journal can be purchased through Amazon.
Website: SuperDoodleGirl
Facebook: SuperDoodleGirl
Instagram: @SuperDoodleGirl
Lucky Star Classes:  Grounded in Gratitude and Mindful Mandalas

: : : Grounded in Gratitude : : :


Class Description:
Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stressed out? Anxious? Disheartened? Irritable? This class is for you! Gratitude is an important tool to combat these patterns of thoughts allowing us to move into our authenticity and personal power.
Did you know that expressing gratitude can improve empathy, sleep patterns, and self-esteem? So why don’t more people do it? Lack of time is the number one answer.
In this powerful session, Roxanne will guide you through simple, creative ways to prepare our minds and calm our bodies to create space in our hearts for abundant gratitude. Topics include gratitude during hard times and how to create a family gratitude practice.
Your class kit comes in a hand-painted canvas tote with a copy of Roxanne’s Grounded in Gratitude journal and other goodies to carry the gratitude and “camp feelings” with you after you return home.

This class is for you if you want to learn

  • how gratitude impacts our brains and bodies
  • simple ways to add more gratitude in your life
  • connect with others in community and abundance

Class Offered: Half Day
Level of Difficulty: All Levels Welcome
Prerequisites:  None
Materials List for Students: All supplies are included in the kit.
Kit Fee:  $25
What is included in the kit fee: gratitude journal, handouts, hand-painted tote, and pen
Supplies provided by instructoradditional types of markers, pens, and papers
How to Pay Kit Fee:  Cash or check on day of class or Venmo Roxanne-Glaser.

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: : : Mindful Mandalas and Dot Art : : :


Class Description:
Journey into mindful painting with simple tools and joyful colors. We will explore patterns and tools creating peaceful mandalas and other designs.
The mandala shape represents wholeness and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself–a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds. During the class, we will also paint kindness rocks, canvases, and other designs using the same tools and techniques. This class is for you if you want an activity that calms the mind and creates a sense of satisfaction of fully completing a project. This process is great to learn and take back to share with friends and family of all ages. Your kit will include everything you need for this class.
Class Offered: Half Day
Level of Difficulty: All Levels Welcome
Prerequisites:  None
Materials List for Students: Bring an apron to wear while we paint. All other supplies will be included in your kit.
Kit Fee: $40 [Note: If you already have dotting tools, email me and let me know and I will adjust the kit fee so you don’t have to get a second set]
What is included in the kit:  black practice paper, practice canvases, canvas, primed rocks, additional items for practice, acrylic dotting tools, stainless steel ball stylus, double-ended dotting tools, stencil, chalk, paint tray, and canvas tote.
How to Pay Kit Fee: Cash or check on day of class or Venmo to Roxanne-Glaser.

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