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Small but Mighty Landscapes!

With Doreen Mulryan

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One of the biggest things I suffer from in my creative practice is getting started. I’ve been making art since I was a kid but as I valued it more and more the fear and imposter syndrome got the best of me along with the comparison game. To work through this, I returned to my roots. What was it that brought me here in the first place? My love of making art for the sake of making art. How did I make art as a kid and as an art student? I used reference. Plain and simple… I drew and painted what I saw. But now as an adult I can take that and break the rules a bit. How do I take the reference I’m looking at and just use it as a guide? You don’t need to get caught up in the details, it’s just there as a guide to help you!

In this class, starting small is the easiest way to go! I want to teach you how to paint small landscapes, breaking it down into easy steps with reference. I will show my process and how and when I break the rules so that it goes from daunting to fun! We will use small pieces of wood, acrylic paint and reference. I will provide you with reference for the first small piece and then give you two other pieces of wood to use your own landscape reference. I want this process to be fun and simple so you can walk out of class with a tiny piece of art but a big gain in developing a new creative way of painting landscapes!

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