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We are excited to share our Lucky Star Sponsorship Program! We designed this program with many options and financial tiers and as a way for you promote and advertise your business leading up to, during, and after the Lucky Star Event.  Please take a look at our sponsorship packet and if you would like to participate or have any questions, please contact Shawn Stratmann at or 443-324-3008.

Supernova Event Sponsors $2,500
Galaxy Sponsors $1,000
Cosmic Sponsors $500
Celestial Classroom Sponsors $300
Luminary Sponsors $250

In-Kind Donations ($250-$300)

Art Supplies
Swag Bag Items
Coaching Services

Constellation Prize Give-Away Donations

Original Art
(Coaching, readings, massages, ...)

Sponsor a Podcast Ad

Pre-Roll Ad $100
Mid-Roll Ad $50

Important Numbers

Yearly Event Spend: $1,800 - $2,500

80% From Texas
50% Creative Businesses
15% are retired
90% have children
100% love and collect art and craft supplies
20-140 attend depending on size of the event
50-60% repeat attendees

Social Media Reach


Instagram 1,969 Followers
Lucky Star Galaxy Facebook Group 550 Members
Lucky Star Facebook Page 4,028 Followers
Newsletter 1,900 Subscribers

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