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Carolyn Marco

Carolyn Marco is a Dallas native with a passion for creating, teaching, and helping others. Former Creative Director and Jewelry Designer for Fossil, she traded the corporate world to focus on creative experiences. She enjoys experimenting with new techniques and materials to share with groups of all ages. From youth art camps at the Dallas Museum of Art, family programs at the Nasher Sculpture Center, maker workshops at the Perot Museum to facilitating workshops at local breweries – Carolyn enjoys any opportunity to create with others. Committed to putting less waste in the world, she primarily shapes projects based on material donations received and re-purposes old or worn items into something new. A forever student, Carolyn explores various creative outlets, from glass painting to paint pouring, fabric design to weaving and macrame, jewelry making to stained glass. A frequent traveler, museum-goer, coffee-drinker, beer-sipper, concert-goer, sun-worshiper, mermaid-in-training, she enjoys any reason to be outdoors or to spend time with friends and family.

Instagram: @kiki_knows_art


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