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For simplicity, we will be using the word "Class" throughout the form to cover classes, extras, talks, demonstrations, or any other activities for which you are submitting info.

Be descriptive and creative in as few words as possible.
Please provide a detailed description, being sure to convey a clear explanation of what each student can expect to learn/accomplish/create by the end of the class.
How much experience should the participant have prior to taking your class?
Example: basic knowledge of sewing, ability to play chords A, D, E


IMPORTANT: Please be sure you have read the Class Supplies portion of the Instructor Help Guide carefully before answering the following questions.
List those supplies that need to be brought by campers from home for use on their project. Please list (using commas) all supplies students need to bring to class. It is very helpful to include links to specific items when available.
A Class Kit includes everything needed for the class and is provided by the instructor for those who pay for it in advance. How much is kit fee, if applicable?
What is included in the kit?
A Supply Fee is for any supplies purchased and brought to camp by instructor and shared BY ALL in class. How much is supply fee, if applicable?
List the supplies covered by the Supply Fee, if applicable.
Which of the following settings works best for your class?
Do you prefer to teach in the morning, afternoon, or either?
How many students would be ideal for your class? (It is our goal to keep the class sizes small (8 -16) to give everyone the opportunity for hands-on teaching/learning.)
Is there any special equipment needed for your class that you and/or your students cannot bring, or maybe you need extra? i.e. sewing machines, task lighting, kilns, piano, stools, welding machine, torch, easels?
Will the floor and tables need to be covered to prevent damage to the facility?
Do you have video clips that would help sell your class? Please link up to 3 short clips here.

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