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Trust Your Creative Self!
This painting class is designed to help you trust your instincts and build your creative confidence.

When I teach abstract painting classes I notice that students really enjoy putting the first layer of paint on canvas, it’s fun and freeing to smoosh paint on blank canvas! After that though, sometimes they get a little stuck because they don’t want to mess up what they’ve already done. They don’t have confidence that they can move forward without making a “mistake.” What they don’t realize yet is that those “mistakes” are where all the magic is! They just have to be willing to release some control and be surprised.

This class will push you into “mistakes” with fun exercises and lots of paint smooshing, and then help you build tools for creative problem solving. We will paint to music, paint with our eyes closed, paint with our non-dominant hand. We will relax our expectations so we can roll with whatever happens. It’s about play, about letting go and being free.

We will brainstorm for abstract imagery – what kinds of shapes, marks, or forms, are unique to you and help your work feel authentic? We will touch on color choices – how do you find a palette that is cohesive and feels like you?

Please note: this class is not geared toward perfectly finishing one painting, it is several exercises and a good start on a large painting on canvas that you can take home.

It’s going to be a blast!

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