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Rena Cotti

Creative Director/Owner Rockin’ R Retreat Center and

Rena Cotti Creative Events

Rena has a passion for creating, learning, and teaching.

As a former high school teacher with a love of art, making, and crafting… it makes sense that this combination of teaching and creating has evolved into a life of curating experiences as a student and instructor.

So what might Rena be doing at any given moment?

Maybe painting a piece of art, making a custom table with her blow torch, cooking a good meal, knitting a scarf, scrapbooking family pics, weaving, paint pouring…

She’ll pretty much try her hand at any art or craft and then refine it and teach to others.

Rena’s absolute favorite thing is curating get-togethers for those who need to replenish their tanks with friendship and creativity.

After hosting retreats in many different venues, in 2008, Rena and her husband opened a retreat center where her events are held and they rent out the center to other creative hosts when she is not hosting herself.




Retreat Center:

Color Play class video:

Click to play podcast episode:

Lucky Star Classes:  Color Play Art Journal, Art Recess

: : : Color Play Art Journal : : :

Class Description:

Have lots of paint and get overwhelmed by the choices?

Just getting started painting and are not sure which colors to start your collection with?

Color Play is a fun way to do color studies using 3-4 colors and white to create custom color palettes.

We will talk about basic color theory.

We will mix colors to create new colors and create color values.

We will then use the colors we’ve curated to inspire mini-art in our Color Play art journals. This is the best part of learning… using what we’ve learned to create art!

As you fill this journal, you’ll be creating a reference book of unique color palettes to use as your go-to color inspiration when you start painting or creating any project where color is involved.

Video demonstration:

Class Offered: Half Day

Level of Difficulty: All Levels

Prerequisites:  None

Supplies Needed – Amazon list here and each item linked below

Optional Supplies
Other supplies I’ll bring to share – here’s a list if you’d like to bring your own…


: : : Art Recess : : :

Class Description:

This is playtime for you! No stress… just recess!

How many times have you taken a class that ended way too soon and you wanted to keep creating?

This is your time to bring your art and craft supplies & projects from this year and previous years or start new ones while enjoying the company of fellow campers!

Bring your stitching, your weaving, your painting, knitting, diamond embroidery, finish beading a bracelet… anything you want, and let’s play together.

I’ll help with colors, techniques for most crafts, finding inspiration, and encouraging you!

Class Offered: Half Day

Level of Difficulty: All Levels Welcome

Prerequisites:  None

Supplies needed: whatever you need to play! And probably wine.

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