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Instructors 2024

Claire Reynes

Claire Reynes, an artist and educator living in South Portland, Maine, creates work using handmade paper, water marbling, and sewing techniques. She is deeply inspired by the natural world and the underlying energies that connect all living things. Her work often includes things like plant fibers, flowers, and found remnants that she collects and weaves […]

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Mary Helen McNally

Mary Helen McNally is a published author and working artist living in Austin, Texas. She runs her own small pottery studio called ATX Kiln Club where she offers studio access, classes, and firing services to other artists in the community while working on her own line of ceramics, Pot de Femme. Mary Helen also works

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Marlo Saucedo

Marlo Saucedo is a native Houstonian who lives with her family in The Woodlands, Texas. She loves wine, skiing, coffee, dessert, cats, fashion, sewing, and books. She’s also an actively commissioned visual artist, using words to create form. Whether a family’s story, a single word handwritten in 100+ languages, a place’s history, or a company’s

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Gabrielle Stratmann

Gabrielle Jolie Stratmann infuses her whimsical sense of humor into distinct illustrations depicting snails, bugs, and animals. Her foundational background as an illustrator has grown into owning multiple businesses including Bug-Eyed Co. and Fete Events. She is inspired by traditional feminine crafts shown to her by her great grandmother and grandmothers like embroidery and felting,

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Stacy Wooster

Stacy brings a wealth of holistic wellness expertise to Lucky Star Art Camp. With two decades in the field, she’s your go-to guide for crafting a vibrant life filled with joy and vitality. She has been sprinkling her magic in the world of holistic wellness, weaving together yoga therapy, massage, personal training, apothecary, and astrology

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Mandy Rowden

Mandy Rowden is an Austin, Tx-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and the creator of Girl Guitar, a women’s guitar school and rock camp that is celebrating its 15th Anniversary in 2022. Mandy played classical violin and piano through college, where she began writing songs and has since worked and toured playing guitar, bass, keys, drums, fiddle, mandolin,

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