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Heidi Lowell

I am a multi-disciplinary artist based in Austin, Texas. My background in science and nature informs my work. I work in multiple media including clay and watercolor. I am an autodidact who trained in classical painting and intuitive painting. I strike a balance between the two by creating a structured plan for each work, with freedom for my intuition inside. I find that systems in nature and science work with a balance of predictable patterns and chaos. The balance between structure and freedom are imperative to my work.
The flow of water is central to my work. There is a magic that happens when I allow the watercolor to flow freely within the boundaries I have planned. I photograph each work in progress multiple times so I can analyze the color values. I often intuitively incorporate sgraffito or mark making to each piece as it connects to the symbolism of the story I have kept in my mind throughout the process. I love to continue the story onto the sides of my panels, which I finish using Dutch oil.

I work with watercolors because I am fascinated with fluid dynamics, and I love letting nature take part in the creation of each piece of work. The transparency of watercolors allows me to layer in such a way that the paintings have an incredible depth to them, allowing viewers to stare into their complexity. I think this aspect of my work mirrors nature in the way that even seemingly chaotic events, such as a waterfall, can evoke a sense of calm and wonder. I hope that the viewer will feel quieted by my work, much as they would if they were sitting in a pristine natural landscape. My work celebrates the peaceful and messy aspects of the natural world, and in doing so, I would like to encourage viewers to celebrate those same aspects in themselves.

My work has been shown in galleries and museums across the United States including at the Yellowstone Art Museum, The Old West Museum, the Watercolor Society Houston Gallery, Jones Gallery, and Women & Their Work Gallery. My work is in collections with St. Edwards University, Wild Basin Creative Research Center, The Texas Children’s Hospital, The University of Texas, Belmont Village, and many private collections. I have won the Best Cover Art for the Bio Physics Journal, as well as a national contest hosted by Minted and West Elm. I am an aritst member of Women & Their Work Gallery.

Instagram: @HeidiLowellArt


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